Covid-19 Terms & Conditions

Client & Practitioner Policy The risk of transmission of Covid 19 still remains high, therefore Camilla at Shore Aesthetics along with guidance

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Clinic vs Beauty Salon

There is some confusion about the lockdown lift and I aim to further reassure you that you are in safe hands and

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Vitamin B12 Treatment

Vitamin B12 injections can aid your body by regulating your sleep, mood and appetite cycles and give you a boost of natural

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Please follow the guidelines below for your appointment following your successful triage prior to your appointment (this will be a day or



Consultation and Reviews: From now on the guidance for our field of practice is currently for all consultations to be virtual alongside

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Do Your Hands Age you?

Thanks to ZO Skin Health for the following incredible info and products to help us fight ageing hands. At about age 35,

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Get Your Skin Glowing

By removing the top layers of dead skin cells and activating the lower dermis (where all the action is), the texture, tone,

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Northampton Clinic 14th/15th July 2017

I shall be in Northampton carrying out free consultations, skin assessments, Dr Obagi 'Hollywood' peels, lip augmentation and wrinkle relaxation on the

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