Cryotherapy – Treatment of Pigmentation, Cherry Angiomas, Skin Tags, Verrucae, Warts & Milia2022-12-10T06:38:27+00:00

Cryotherapy comes in many forms; it is the use of cold and freezing techniques to treat the body. 


Cryotherapy works by causing the water in the skin cells to freeze. As this happens the water expands (setting up a crystalline matrix) and then fractures the frozen cell walls causing cellular necrosis (or death). 

The cell walls are made of a bi layer of Phospholipid which freezes rapidly at around +3 deg C (the lipid layer is a fatty tissue). 

If the freezing is slow, (i.e. the freeze isn’t cold enough) the cells will expel the intracellular fluid via osmosis into the extracellular space, and the cell wall is then not affected, once the thaw starts the fluid re-enters the cell and they revive. 

If the freeze is rapid (i.e. below -27 deg C ) the fluid inside freezes before it can be expelled via osmosis, and the cell wall is destroyed. This causes the Cryonecrosis. This freeze also destroys the nucleus of the cell, and there can be no revival, and the cells within the skin lesion are removed. 


Rapid process-treatment only takes 1-2 minutes. 

Sterile – no incision or skin cutting, no bleeding zero risk of infection (from the treatment) the risk is dependent on clients actions. 

Analgesic effect-extreme cold reduces pain perception due to nerve effects. 

Safe-little to no collateral skin damage. 

Excellent results- well established in the medical field, used for well over 200 years accepted as the gold standard treatment to remove most skin lesions.

Prices start from £75.00 per treatment