Fat Dissolving Treatment2021-03-15T17:53:08+00:00

Phosphocol is used for small localised fat deposits in patients with ideal body weight or slightly overweight. It’s is used for small localised lipodystrophy back, arms, abdomen, thigh fat and chin, this being a very effective tool in correcting unsightly deposits of fatty tissue.  

The active ingredients are Phosphatidylcholine, Sodium Desoxycholate. Sodium Desoxycholate is proven to break down fat cells. 

The injections into the fatty connective tissue can cause little to mild pain, this is down to each individual person, but they might be followed by the following; itchy; reddening; tenderness; bruises; or lumps in and around the immediate area of treatment. These symptoms can persist for a few weeks after treatment, are totally normal and are due to the product being injected to dissolve the fat at a cellular level. If in any doubt over these symptoms, please always contact me post treatment.

We estimate up to 1 cm of the fat layer in the localised area is lost per treatment. We highly recommend an interval of 6 weeks between treatments to allow the traumatised fat deposits to heal ready for another treatment, the fat breakdown itself will continue for 3-4 weeks after treatment. 

This treatment is recommended to be used for 4 to 6 sessions per area you wish for the fat deposits to be reduced, we cannot guarantee any results as this can depend on each individual.

Treatment price starts at £150.00 per area.