Covid-19 Terms & Conditions

The risk of transmission of Covid 19 still remains high, therefore Camilla at Shore Aesthetics along with guidance from the Government, the NMC, BACN and SAVE FACE, all risk assessments have been updated a Covid 19 risk assessment has been completed for the patient, the clinic and the practitioner. Below is the current protocol to be followed to reduce the risk of spreading the virus whilst performing aesthetic treatments in the clinic environment.

The Environment

The environment will be free from any brochures or items for sale on the work surfaces to ensure the area can be wiped down before and after every client.

The cleaning will be completed by Camilla before and after each client with clinell universal wipes, all surfaces will be wiped down, the floor will be moped, door handles, treatment chair, card payment terminal and any area touched by the client will be thoroughly cleaned.

The room will be kept at a cool temperature to make it comfortable for the client and reduce the risk of the Aesthetic practitioner feeling hot in PPE worn. The front door will be open to allow fresh air flowing.

There will no use of hand towels other than single use paper towels and couch roll.

The Patient

The patient will receive a Covid 19 health screening a minimum of 48 hours before they arrive at the clinic, this must be completed before an agreement to visit the premises has been made. Any answers stating ‘yes’ to any of the questions of concern will be assessed by telephone to discuss. The practitioner will decide whether to proceed to treatment or not, this will be documented in the clients notes.

The patient will be advised to bring minimal items to their appointment; car keys, telephone and payment method – no bags if possible please. The patient will be advised to wear a face mask provided by the clinic until asked to remove if a lower face treatment is performed.

On arrival there will be a metal PPE table. Here there will be a disposable face mask, hand gel, gloves (to wear for payment) and shoe covers provided for the patient to use and wear. Each patient is required to wear a face mask, if treatment is being provided within the face mask area, this will be removed briefly for treatment.

There will strictly be one client at a time in the building and the patient must only arrive at their allocated appointment time. Please do not arrive early or late.

On arrival to the clinic a thermo-scanner will be used to take their temperature on their forehead, (this is a contactless thermometer) anyone over 37.8 degrees will need to be rescheduled. The client will also be advised to refrain from taking over the counter medicines like paracetamol that may provide an inaccurate reading.

On arrival and on departure from the clinic, the client will be provided alcohol gel hand sanitiser. They will be asked to refrain from touching anything other than the treatment chair and card terminal for payment.

The patient will be sent consent forms, aftercare and additional advice by email or text message. No leaflets will be permitted.

The patient will be advised there will be no toilet facilities whilst on the premises to reduce risk of transmission.

Personal Protective equipment (PPE) worn

Full single use PPE will be worn before the client arrives, this includes either surgical 3 layer mask for all treatments, scrubs, goggles or visor, apron and gloves.

PPE will be ‘donn and doff’ as according to Centres for disease control and prevention guidelines.

Hands will be washed with water and soap before and after each PPE is worn.

The Practitioner

A personal daily screen for Covid 19 symptoms will be measured. Clinic will be temporary closed if concerned for safety. Medical advice will be sought and NHS guidelines of self-isolation for 14 days will be adhered to, if any symptoms of Covid 19 or if contacted by track and trace. Family members of the household will also be advised to follow these guidelines if symptoms arise.


All items will be disposed of via the local Business waste, this includes sharps collections and all waste bags, a consignment cover note will be provided to record each disposal. All bagged items will be collected and placed into a lockable waste bin provided by the waste collection service.

Should you require further information or to see the full risk assessment please do not hesitate to contact