Consultation and Reviews:

From now on the guidance for our field of practice is currently for all consultations to be virtual alongside follow ups reviews to assess whether I will need to see you in clinic.

All patients when they come to clinic will be asked a series of questions the day prior to their treatment appointment.

On the day of treatment clinic will be completely sterilised throughout and in between each patient. Each patient will have their temperature taken and you will be given hand sanitiser and given a pair of gloves to wear and a mask (depending on treatment area).

This is to ensure I protect my patients, the general public and my family. As a medical professional I have a duty of care to do so and a code of conduct I must adhere to to practice in England. I shall continue to take guidance from evidence based medical sources and keep you all updated as much as possible.

If any patient has any symptoms or feel unwell at all for 2 weeks following treatment then I must be told as this can help with tracing the virus 🦠

I am hoping to re-open the clinic mid June so am now booking patients in for then 😘 Please let me know if you would like to book in?

Stay safe and any questions you know where I am.

Warm regards,

Camilla x


🦠 Covid 19 Update 🦠

This strain of Covid is more deadly than the previous strains, numbers are still high and very precarious.

The vaccine is going to help but in the mean time we can’t loose sight of what we need to do.

As a regulated healthcare professional able to operate to safe standards in a safe environment, I am not required to close for medical treatments, however, I do have a duty to play my part in protecting public health and so would encourage all my patients who feel they can wait to trust me to do my very best to accommodate everyone once this lockdown lifts.

In the meantime, I do recognise that for some, the treatments I provide are seen as very important for psychological well-being and for those who are anxious about their treatment plans, I will be available for on-line assessment and limited appointments for those who have an urgent medical need for treatment and care which cannot wait, and subject to assessment.

🌈Stay home, protect NHS and save lives 🌈